dealskingston datatraveler se9 8gb usb 2.0 metal flash…


@whiskersmcgee: The one on Amazon does not have free shipping, unless you have Prime or >$25 in checkout.


@maldito: Who isn't Prime these days? Wootazon roolz!


@bsmith1: No one I know has I'd say quite a few people considering it's $79 a year unless you're a student.


amazon prime is awesome! student trial definitely got me hooked, and HAD TO renew when offered half off membership.

pays for itself with 3 day shipping and streaming movies (i don't actually watch movies, the shipping is all i need). at $7 a month, full price, if you buy stuff on amazon once a month, it will be sooooo worth it!


It really is worth it if you buy things on Amazon like I do. Actually.. it's more than just worth it, but anyways, that's another topic.

I've seen a lot of these "types" of flash drives recently. I'm curious, what makes them better than the older style flash drives, given that we are comparing two flash drives that are both USB 2.0 with similar R/W speeds?

If better R/W speeds is what's actually better, then feel free to say so. All I have noticed so far, without researching, is they go into your USB Port differently. Again, that may be a misconception.


When I clicked through on this, it showed as sold out.

But I then looked on Amazon, :) and ordered 3 of the 16gb version at under $12 ea.,
so 48 gb of memory, in 3 nice metal devices, shipped, for $35.85


I posted this yesterday for the 16Gb version. It's pretty funny, reviewed by a cat.

Btw, Amazon has this for $5.99, even cheaper.


I have the 16GB version of this, and it's really a gorgeous flash drive. Super solid construction, etc etc.

However, it's really really slow (transferring an ISO had it down to under 4.5MB/s at the end), and kind of hard to get in/out of USB ports for some reason.

I still love it though.