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I have LEGO Batman...

This should make a great V-day present.

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Uses not only Steam DRM which is fine, BUT ALSO uses secuROM. SecuROM limits the game to 4 activations. This does not necessarily mean 4 PCs. Say you upgrade your processor or mother board. Yup that's an activation. Say you get a virus and you end up reformatting your hard drive . . . Yup that's an activation. Or even say you need to make room on you PC so you remove to free up the 8 GB it takes, then later you reinstall it . . .with secuROM that's another activation. If you decide to upgrade your version of Windows . .. An activation. And obviously if you get a new PC altogether it's an activation.

I'm not saying not to get it, but just be informed.


@ascordo: Thanks for the info.

I never heard of securROM before... is this something that's still prevalent in recent games? And doesn't the activation limit of secuROM conflict with a basic principal of steam? Surely there's a way around it...