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So, on a level of okay deal to why in the world am I not buying this, how good is this deal?


Most people on here don't like Westinghouse. Many have had bad experiences. I got the 42 inch LED on a Woot-Off over a year ago. I haven't had any problems yet, though other people have said problems cropped up after 6 months. I think it's kind of hit and miss.

You will need to get a sound bar or surround sound system as the speakers are not high quality. (There's no where to put large nice speakers on an LED TV).


I have the 46 in LED and am very happy with it. The speakers are very loud in the tweeters and virtually nonexistent everywhere else. Just make sure to get the warranty because like stilesbn said, it can be hit or miss.


I purchased this tv froms The picture and audio was horrible! Save your money and buy a better tv.


I got this same TV from Target for $70 more during the Winter sales, and except for the sound (which is slightly muffled and doesn't get loud enough--pretty much the case for any flat screen) I've really liked it.

I think the picture looks great, and it was the perfect size for my living room. I was a little unhappy with its AV/Composite input (it's shared), and the only audio out is digital coaxial (which, I guess, is the "in" thing to do now). It has 3 HDMI ports, which is more than I need and a useless USB port ("manufacturer service port" I believe they call it).

The only real issue I have with it is that it doesn't remember screen settings after you turn it off. If you only have a standard definition cable box it shows in normal 4:3 instead of using the full screen and you can set it to full but it doesn't remember it.

All in all I was happy paying what I had for what I got, but would have loved to pay this price for it.

Got a little carried away there...


UGH I JUST BOUGHT THIS ON SALE AT TARGET FOR ABOUT $20 MORE. I really like it and have been a patron of Westinghouse for years. Had one defect and they replaced it fast, then it lasted, under a lot of use, for 5 years. Buy this, excellent deal.


I'm one who's had problems with this TV. It went out after 6 months, and though it was still under warranty, I'm still waiting for Westinghouse to do something, two months after it went out. Their customer service people have been very ambiguous and unhelpful throughout the process. I was placed on a replacement waiting list for over a month, and I finally called again only to find that after 30 days, a refund is supposed to be initiated (by them, which didn't happen).

Long story short, if yours goes out (and from what I've read, it's a strong possibility), you're in for a long headache, and no TV.

As for me, I'm still waiting on the refund, over two and a half months since the TV went out. I'll never buy another Westinghouse--the product wasn't bad while it lasted, but it didn't last long, and it has been like pulling teeth to get the company to stand by their product.

Just my two cents...


over a year ago I got the 42" off woot. I am super happy with it, I'm not going to say it's the best picture out there but at $450(what I payed for at the time) it's awesome. My only complaint is the edge lighting with blacks, but if you really want true blacks you shouldn't be looking at LED/LCDs anyways. Lastly I don't know why anyone would think speakers in a TV are any good. Especially when something like Logitech's 2.1 thx certified system can be had for $100 or less.


Just got one...this is a great price. Let's just hope it works out. Thank you for the comments, helped me give in and pull the trigger..


Picked on up myself. Good deal, couldn't turn it away. Thanks wooters for your comments.


re: xyleno

5 years is considered good? This is why I haven't bought a plasma/led/lcd yet. My current 32 inch is about 15 years old now. When I buy a tv, I want one that is going to last at least 10 years.


@ocnomad: good luck with that. electronics aren't made to last these days. they'd rather make you continue to buy new every few years and they're getting exceedingly good at it.


I bought my son a new 32" Westinghouse and it failed within two months. The replacement new Westinghouse 32" lasted a month and a half. Wouldn't jump at this "deal".


@ocnomad: I guess you don't know much about technology. 5 years is excellent, however, technology also goes out of date every year. 15 years ago? How's your 150lb trinitron treating you?