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"That's a great lookin pair of crocs!" said noone, ever.


in b4 my own hateful, inflammatory comment about how crocs are awful and woot should stop accepting this repetitive nonsense.


What a Croc of shi...pping. Yes, free shipping.


I thought we were only supposed to post DEALS on this site... I guess Woot makes their own rules for themselves.


Such hate for the I never found them particularly attractive, but I ordered a pair of the flip flops during the last sale, and I actually love them a lot. Most comfortable flip flops I've owned.


FALL10 -- $10 off $50, if you're making a larger order.
And now, an open letter to Crocs:

Hi, Crocs. I'm one of the people here on deals.woot who has went to bat for you near every time the haters come out. The Carlie flats are seriously my favorite shoes ever. They are so very comfortable and incredibly cute. I wish you made a closed toe version, and more colors (basically, a non-patterened but still transparent version of the Carlisa, I guess). I like when the sole is the same color as the shoe though, so more of that please. Anyway, I digress. I'm writing you this letter because "free shipping" is really starting to look like a cop-out. Don't get me wrong. I appreciate that you guys constantly seem to have a free shipping code, and I doubly appreciate you being very generous in allowing the stacking of several coupon codes. But you aren't doing yourselves any favors here at deals.woot trying to post this as a deal repeatedly. How bout a woot-specific one-day code or something? Bring your A-game. <3


Guilty pleasure. I love these god-awful shoes. Yes, most are outrageously ugly. Still, they have some styles that are quite indistinguishable from ordinary shoes, and they are all amazingly comfy. Other sites offer better deals, though.


The originals are sinfully ugly but their sandals, especially the "Sexi Flip", are outrageously comfortable. Their rain boot is fantastic too. They're lightweight, and so they are ideal for any dirty jobs that don't require the protection of a hard shoe. Two complaints: everything is overpriced, and the processing takes an obscenely long time. I placed an order at their site and the processing alone took SIX business days! To top it all off I paid for the shipping. I've had items shipped free from China that arrived faster than my Crocs order. Shameful. So unless Crocs has another sale where I can get their rain boots for twenty bucks, I'll do my shopping elsewhere.


I have always hated crocs but I will say this: for my girlfriend, who habitually wears flip-flops regardless of how awful they are for you, crocs offers one of the most supportive flip-flops available and don't look too bad either. So, from an orthopedic standpoint, I would suggest these.


@marinarawr: With how long Crocs seem to last, they are not overpriced. Even the professional work line they make lasts longer, costs less, and has a better tread pattern than more expensive professional wear shoes.

As for the processing issue, I've not had that happen to me. Could have been a computer issue or a busy time of year though.


@willbroe: "Crocs are among the most comfortable pairs of shoes I've ever worn" says pretty much everyone who has tried them.


I guess that it is safe to say that the Croc fad has come and gone.


@jezebelseven: When I added that code to my order it turned off my free shipping code. It mentions that the $10 off code cannot be combined with other offers. Were you actually able to buy something with both the $10 off and free shipping?


@cfalgas: Weird. It worked earlier when I put them in, but I didn't check out since I won't pay $44.99 for a single pair :( Sorry for the incorrect info! I've tattled to have that line changed.

Fwiw, I know they also give out a 20% off coupon when you sign up for their emails. Not sure on if that one will stack, though. They're normally very good about letting coupons stack... :\


Stop the hate! Some are good looking. All are comfortable.
Only down side is there is no store around here where I could try them on to find the right size. Sometimes I'm a 7. Sometimes an 8. Wish I could be sure before I ordered.


@jezebelseven: I actually meant to come back here and mention that. The 20% off coupon DOES stack with the free shipping code and neither has a minimum order value.


Keep Brett Favre away from these when he's wielding his camera phone


@willbroe I have in fact been complimented on my crocs. By hot nurses. So there. ;-P


@xochiluvr: That was Hot Nurse Sarcasm.. sorry.. try again


Hot nurses wearing crocs asking where I got my crocs is not hot nurses sarcasm. It could have been a hot nurses fantasy, but I'm pretty sure I was sober at the time.

I think.