dealsacer as5733z-4633 notebook for $319.99 & gateway…


Happy Wednesday! Happy to answer any questions on this deal for the next half an hour or so. We'll be back online in a few hours to answer any questions we missed!


Acer appears at a different price. Is there a code?


@richardhod: Both screen resolutions are 1366x768.


I'm not usually one to post negative comments; but, you can pick up this same laptop platform, albeit branded Hewlett-Packard/Compaq, same components (probably better screen characteristics) for under $200 on uBid.

I got 2 of them for son and daughter. These won't game on high-quality due to integrated graphics chip (IGC), but my son can play some new-ish titles acceptably. That's surprising, yeah? It should be noted, however, that the first thing I did was upgrade them both to 8 GB of RAM (c. $35 on NewEgg, etc.) for the very reason that system memory is scavenged by the IGC, leaving these a little underpowered at a 'mere' 4 GB. With 8 GB of RAM, I not only maxed out shared memory for the IGC, but was also able to totally turn off the swap file, which means all programs and data run from RAM rather than 'memory mapping' the slow (5400 RPM) hard drive. Still, nice systems for basic tasks, up to light gaming and Hulu/Netflix/HBOGo...

Shame about the inflated price on Secondipity.