dealsgoogle nexus 7" quad core tablet w/ 32gb memory…


1st gen also if you look at reviews more the half went back for issues after update.


@krew790: Huh? I have a first gen that had no issues after any updates, it's actually faster than it was new now. Great basic tablet, but could use a higher resolution display and more RAM, like the second gen offers.


I have four of these in my house and never the slightest but of trouble. My wife's is completely stock running KitKat 4.4.2. Two are unlocked and rooted running 4.4. The fourth is my toy, a refurb currently running the latest stable SlimBean ROM (4.3). I
They're all completely reliable, quick and a pleasure to use. This price, especially with sales tax, isn't exactly the deal of the year, but it's a fair price for a great tablet.


@kev50027: you don't really need more ram or anything unless you gonna use it to play newest games - everything else runs pretty smooth.


@maximus78: more "ram" is only needed if you need the space.

16GB vs 32GB will have nothing to do with performance unless you're outta space.

I have the 16GB version... have sent it in twice for repairs. 1st time was Wi-Fi became almost unusable... 1 bar signal strength if lucky. RMA fixed it. $16 shipping
2nd repair was for screen started flickering intermittently. another RMA and $16

now the tablet will only trickle charge via USB. Have tried a friends Nexus 7 (1st gen) cable and charger but still would only trickle charge.

Since it's out of warranty, I ordered the ASUS Nexus 7 1st gen dock from Newegg for $15. I had to take the gel case off, but it's super easy to charge now...just drop it in.

Tablet was only lightly used and on the occasional trip.... always in a silicone case and handled carefully. Sad.

I would not buy a refurb of one of these.

My $.02


SARCASM "Refurbished" and "Walmart" — now there are two words that instill confidence in product quality. /SARCASM

I bought my first tablet as a 3rd-party refurb. It bricked after only 9 months. Won't do that again.


@souka: ram has nothing to do with the internal storage. ram on nexus 7 1st gen is 1 gb. 16 gb or 32 is the internal harddisk.


Well, I'll be returning my not-even-here-yet Kindle Fire HD. Wish I could've caught this when it was $129.


@souka: RAM and memory serve two very different purposes. Don't confuse them (and Wooters) please.


@souka: As others have stated, RAM is memory, not storage, there's a big difference. I said it needs more RAM because when running several intense apps at once, it slows down a bit. My phone, which has more RAM, does not do that.

Also, maximus78, the Nexus 7 and every other tablet use SSD storage, not hard drives. The SSD functions like a hard drive would, but has no moving parts. Hard drives don't work in mobile devices that well because of their power requirements and delicacy.


Noticed today they raised the Price to $139
I didn't mention this before but right before checkout I was offered a $25 Statement credit if I would signup for the Wal-Mart credit card and charge my purchase to it.
That made will make my effective cost only $104 plus Tax.
$114 plus Tax at the new price for those who want to get the Wal-Mart credit card


It's back up to $149 today.