dealsmohu leaf hdtv antenna for $23.00 + free shipping


This is the original leaf, and is not amplified despite specifically saying so. I know,mine was just delivered.


@whymegawd: My experiences with them have been fine. Not the fastest, but absolutely no troubles.


The specs say that it uses a USB injector for power, but it doesn't include one! VERY suspicious.

The specs say 35+ mile range... NOTE: That is strictly line-of-site - meaning that you must be outside and be able to see the transmitter tower for this to work up to 35 miles away. At HDTV frequencies, you need something bigger than this outside to pick up signals from 35+ miles away.

Besides, why buy this antenna when you can build your own much cheaper? I built a better antenna mostly from scrap materials at home. There are plans all over the Internet. Search for "build your own HDTV antenna" and you'll find lots of sites and videos. This product is, in my opinion, a waste of money.


This is not an amplified antenna. I know because mine is still sitting in the box. Not too happy with them. Also, good luck trying to get anything done with their customer service. It's pretty much canned responses that solve nothing.


I've had only good experiences with this site, although they are extremely slow to get whatever you buy to you, like the speakers I bought took just short of 3 months to arrive. They're really great speakers, though, and I saved a bundle for being willing to wait. If you don't want to deal with the wait or have a bad feeling about ordering from them, this same Mohu leaf is on sale today only over on for 39.99. Again a very slow site for shipping, but it's not quite as slow as Daily Steals.


I love my Leaf! I've had it for a few weeks now and I get about 20-30 HD channels, and I live about 30 miles from Atlanta, where all the broadcast towers are.

It's an indoor antenna, so you don't have to be outside and in line of the towers, but your location and height will affect your results I suppose. I may be right on the cusp, distance-wise, but I'm four floors above ground, so that must help.

I don't understand the USB power injector mentioned above. The Amazon page for it doesn't mention it. It's a pretty simple design, just a coax cable going into a thin piece of plastic; just an antenna. So I'm pretty positive nothing's "missing" as the above post would indicate.

This is a good price as Amazon's is $37.36 right now, but with free shipping with Prime. Guess you'll have to weigh whether you want it fast or not. The reviews at Amazon are extremely plentiful and overwhelmingly positive.


Indeed, it appears that the site is confusing the original Leaf (which is what they're selling) with the Leaf Ultimate. Sorry I didn't see the price difference earlier. I remember seeing the Leaf a few years ago and thought it was overly priced for an antenna that I basically built myself a few years ago with some speaker wire and the top of a pizza box. LOL...

And, yeah, I placed and order for two of them. Maybe they'll perform better than the pizza box on the side of my wall. :D


@whymegawd: I've done HUNDREDS-Of-Dollars of business with Daily Steals and have been EXTREMELY satisfied with their service! ASPER your link note their legally required disclaimer: ""Daily Steals does NOT participate at ResellerRatings to monitor feedback and resolve your issues.""
In other words, Daily Steals doesn't fold to ResellerRatings' extortion shakedown. Instead of succumbing to ResellerRatings' blackhand payoff, it passes the savings on to its' users.
Check out what I've bought from Woot! and you'll see I'm a good retail customer. My experience with Daily Steals have been GREAT!

That Said:
As @amemait notes, it's cheaper to either build your own OR for those of us too old for a lot of things, show-and-pay a neighborhood teenager how to build a better antenna, cheaper.



Condition: Mohu Recertified


@oscaroni: You can read reviews from UseMyReviews, the review page is it has top hdtv antenna reviews.