dealslego wolverine chopper showdown 6866 for $14.97


in for 1.
200+ pieces for $15 is a good deal. 7 cents per piece is when I start buying even if it's not set anyone in our family wants. when you figure the lego sore charges around $9.99 for 3 minifigs, this is a great deal.

It'll probably just sit on the shelf until one of my kids gets invited to a birthday party since they're not into the superheroes lego sets.


I got this set. I love it. It is awesome. 3 of the best characters around.


$19.99 at the Lego store. Nephew loves Lego & superheroes/X-men. There will be a video game coming out this fall with all the Marvel guys, will probably make this set more attractive then if you are holding on to it. In for 1, thanks OP