dealspeggle (android app) for $0.00


It's the app of the day for the 21st so it will show free after midnight(PST) ~5mins after this post


@rlapid2112: I posted there can be a delay! ^_^'

@metaphore: Close, you were about 8 minutes off. ;D

The free apps have had a longer delay before becoming free on the Appstore since the last Appstore update.

They updated the app because of all the people complaining about being charged for a free app (which AFAIK were refunded), so now, they show you the price and have you confirm again to download before actually being able to download the app.

The page is up on Amazon now, but it will probably still be a few more minutes before it shows up as downloadable for FREE directly on your device.


Its showing here in the pacific coast! Thanks! I have been looking for this game for Android for a while!


Doesn't work on Galaxy Tab. Doesn't even let me download. BOO POPCAP! If PvZ runs perfectly on it, why not Peggle


Works perfectly on my Droid X2 (rooted) and my daughter's Samsung Continuum (also rooted). FUN!


@dsmall86: Try navigating to on your tablet. Click 'Get App' and it'll tell you that it's ready for download on your device (Your Amazon App Store account must be the same as the one you log into with on the tablet). Next, open up the Amazon App Store on your tablet, and bring up the menu. Select 'My Apps' and you should see Peggle down there ready for download.

source: I had the same issue w/ my Vegan GTablet this AM and the game installed and runs great after the above trickery.


Can anyone tell me if you can download apps from amazon with AT&T? I'm shopping for a phone right now, and i keep reading that they disallow "3rd party" apps not from the android store.


Peggle isn't compatible with the Samsung Transform. Heads up for those of us foolish enough to buy this phone.


@biggsavage: I have an Aria from AT&T and have the Amazon Appstore loaded. It depends on which device you have, and whether it's rooted or not.


Sweet, that trick worked for my nook color. Thanks!


Heh... I thought it was a pregnancy-test app...



@sykotek: Thanks for the post.. I've pretty much completely relinquished my free Amazon App posts I forget to check on 'em for myself quite a bit.

Moral of the story: I love me sum Peggle :D

Thanks again man...that woulda SUCKED if this didn't make it to Popular. I would been piiisssed.. But it did - and now I own it - so all is well.


So Amazon got woot and now they've successfully infiltrated my phone via an advertisement on woot.

Do I have to give my soul to either Amazon or Google or can I divvy it up?


HTC Thunderbolt checking in and working fine. :)

This is a great game for even full price, so to get it free is pretty rad.