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@thelastredeemer: You could just use cloud services...
That's the whole point of the Nexus phones after the first one, they want you to use Google services.
Granted if you're not in an area with WiFi or a cellular connection, you can't use them, but who is not in an area with one of those things these days?


I'll wait for the next iteration until Google or the next manufacturer realized they should add a MicroSD slot if they ever want to get anywhere. Seriously, I love the Nexus line but after the first one it's like they're trying to be Apple's iPhone with stupid restrictions.

Only difference is that the Nexus has much fewer restrictions than Apple but misses out on the big ones... like, you know, a MicroSD slot?


Wow I got downvoted stating that they go for crazy money on eBay? I was looking for one a month ago and almost bought it on eBay. I am not saying to buy it and sell it on eBay, I HATE PEOPLE that do that crap.


@stryker4526: Not how it works. It does have the antenna, but the only signal amplifier onboard is for the AWS band. The "hack" that can be done very easily will activate the builtin LTE service on the AWS band, however the only North American carriers that use that band for LTE are those in Canada and the forthcoming LTE service from T-Mobile in the US. T-Mobile is beginning to roll out their LTE AWS service in the next few months, so the Nexus 4 with this hack would be able to use that LTE, as well as T-Mobile's HSPA+.


@tracker1: T-Mobile no-contract is cheaper. I am at 30 bucks a month for 3 gb of 4g (then unlimited slower, never hit that). only 100 minutes of talk, but I think I've used 15 minutes max in a month.


@runawayrogue: I've been trying for almost 12 hours and the same error. I called Google and they blamed the website being overloaded with people trying to buy the phone. I get the error no matter what I try to buy. I even tested it with the Nexus 7 and same thing. :(


@jnidjol: I had the same issue, but I just retried the order and it worked fine.

People, if you're worried about storage space, just pony up the extra $50 and get a 16gb phone. It will probably ship faster anyways since everyone's likely ordering the 8gb.


@shinespark: Oh. Interesting. I wonder why they don't mention that in the tech specs on the store?
Probably because it uses some incredibly rare LTE spectrum for god knows what reason.

Edit: reading further, I see that it does not, in fact, have an LTE antenna. It only gets LTE on band 4 if you're VERY close to an LTE tower.


Has anyone had any issues ordering one? Everytime that I try it says technical difficulties.-- This is the error-
Uh oh. There was a problem.

We couldn't start your purchase because of a technical issue.
Details of the problem below:
Sorry, we were unable to process this request. Any charge will be automatically cancelled within 24 hours. Please try again after 24 hours.


@purplefeather - Order now! Google doesn't charge your credit card until the phone ships (1-2 weeks).


Of course they get them back in stock during my "poor" week. I have rent, electric, cell phones, and cable bills due all on the same paycheck. My Nexus 4 dreams will have to wait a while, I guess. :(


@idontkn1 The Nexus 7 has USB OTG so you can attach a USB thumbdrive or even an external drive to it so it makes the need for a micro SD card less necessary


@tracker1: Not true, there is certainly a set standard for 4G.
See this for more info:
So far, there are only two standards which actually meet the definition of 4G. Those are discussed later in that article.
"4G" as used right now, unless it's one of those two standards, is purely a marketing term. It should really be 3.5G or 3G+ or something.
On that note, the phone is HSPA+ compatible, but not LTE compatible. Kind of a bummer, but not a major deal-breaker for most, I would imagine, as LTE is not really that widely available yet.


@jgarcia408: Please don't. Just let someone else buy it.


@idontkn1: That is because google is trying to push you to use their services (google music as an example) which works alright - I use it for my overflow music that I cannot fit on my phone and SD card.


One thing to keep in mind that isn't readily apparent, no micro sd slot just like the Google Nexus tablet. So if you want to keep a local copy of your music library you are likely to run into problems. The OS will likely take up between 2 and 3 gigs of space, leaving less than 6 gigs for storage and other installed apps on this model. Not necessarily a deal breaker for most, but definitely something to consider since most android users are use to having a lot more. And as jmkii stated earlier don't buy a bunch expecting to fetch a premium on them. That train has likely left the station.


Love mine. It's running a stock Android UI, which I find better than most of the manufacturer overlays. There's no vendor crap pre-installed either, which works out well. If you want to tether other devices, you either pay extra for T-Mobile/AT&T or need to root your phone.

The only caveat (to smart phones in general) is pay attention to what an app installed from the app/play store ask for permission to do... there's no reason a flashlight app needs access to your address book, SMS, or network resources. That means it's spyware if it does. The same goes for any smart phone these days though, and not specific to this device.

That said, this is simply the best Android phone I've used, and I've been running Android since the original G1. I am envious of the 5-6" screens on some phones today, which may be your style, but rest assured this is a great phone.


@djvash40: It's "4G" HSPA (Not LTE)... There isn't a standard for "4G" other than "faster than 3G"... HSPA is quite a bit faster than 3G, and about half of LTE... but the coverage is decent, and I haven't had much problem with YouTube or Netflix. Recommend going with Simple Mobile for your carrier... Uses T-Mobile's network, but about $10-20/month less than the T-Mobile out of contract plans.


Shame it does not have 4G on it, or is 4G capable I guess being an unlocked phone. Would make this deal a done one!


I would imagine Google has their supply worked out this time. Careful if you think you can profit off of this.


I bought one, but was thinking about buying another to sell just to make up the cost of the one I will be using.


Amazing phone! They sell for $500 on eBay when they are sold out.