dealsdarksiders on steam for $4.99


I don't own this, but I think this may be the fifth or sixth time I've seen it on sale... so I'm thinking it's time. Time... to put it in the list of tons of other Steam games I will probably never get to.


@starbob: its actually a rather addicting game. while not the best in any aspect (and there many including melee combat, platforming, shooting (on and off horseback), puzzle-solving, ridiculous mythical storyline, etc), theres something about the presentation that i really liked, even if the character looks like hes a magnet for garish artifacts that seem to adorn every inch of his design. all in all, it was cheap fun that i looked forward to playing every chance i got. so if you start playing, you probably wont stop until you beat it.


@starbob: I agree with pcapowski. I got this game despite some reviews saying it was only decent. But for some reason, it was one of the funnest games I had played and was extremely addicting.


I felt that it played very similar to the Zelda series. I enjoyed it and am eagerly awaiting Darksiders 2. At this price its hard to beat.


It's like Zelda meshed with God of War. If you liked either or both of those games you should pick this game up. It has great! voice fact Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) does the voice acting of the Watcher one of the main characters through the whole game.


Thanks OP and the others who expanded on the game play. An easy $5 purchase for me to make. And, not that it should matter, it way $5 even, not $4.99 (unimportant of course, just kind of odd since I'm sure it was originally listed at 4.99).


@flyswatter: no problem. just be aware, combat can get frustrating at times until you learn how to exploit certain moves - enemies who dont get hit-stun should only be comboed with moves that can be canceled with a dash (after its learned) ie sword moves. also learn when to use/not use lock-on and the hookshot. that reminds me, 360 controller is highly recommended (never tried keyboard mouse, not sure id want to)