dealsstarbucks free tasting cup with purchase of…


Price is not $0. It's at least $11.95 because that's the minimum purchase that qualifies.


Shipping on minimum purchase is $4.95!


@firstpancake: Yes, they aren't that expensive, but this free cup is way more adorable than the cheap plain ones:,default,pd.html


Might as well add that I also found a coupon for an additional 10% off your first order: STNPWEKD

Not really a great code on its own, but if you're going to take advantage of the free* cup, then might as well save another buck or two on your order.

*free with purchase (as noted in the original listing)


@chippedliver: Yikes, didn't mean to click the free shipping box - thanks for noticing. I've tattled and hope the mods can remove it from the title.


I remember the days when when businesses paid for their advertising...


I may give this a try since I prefer light roasts, but what is the point of a 3oz cup?