dealssw-29480 sewell vortex hd antenna, amplified…


There is no such thing as an HD antenna!


@inktek: While I agree on the technicality, there is a fair amount you can do on a receive-only antenna to optimize it for the task and there is such a thing as a VHF-UHF dual-band amplified receive-only antenna. But no one knows what that is, so they market it as "HD antenna." I would prefer "amplified HDTV antenna," but I'm just a humble radio operator and thus don't usually get consulted on that sort of thing.


$25 is an alright price. Don't believe the 125-mile BS and you'll be alright. I've had a few antennas over the last several years similar to this. Expect to get 2 years tops out of one like this and you probably won't be disappointed. My experience is different -- I live in an area that frequently gets high winds (gusts up to 40MPH) and storms with gusts up to 55 and sustained above 20 are common.

They're flimsy, the rotors burn out in no time, and when they start to go you can tell because you'll lose some of the fringe (and, depending on the model and specific failure) or not-so-fringe channels. The rotors don't like operating in sub-freezing temperatures, either. However, for the first year or so they perform admirably. All of the models I've had have, with about 25-30 feet of elevation, pulled in channels that I'm not "supposed" to get.

Check out to get an idea what channels you might get. I'm getting "violet" channels with a very similar model.


Would this be suitable for mounting in an attic? Will it help pull in FM as well?

I just have a basic dipole made out of wire in my attic now, and it works for some HDTV and a nice bit of FM, but I'd like to be able to pull in stations further away.



@inktek: Actually almost any wire and metal can be made to be HD antennas. Much the same can be said for "color" antennas. If the transmitter's signal, digital or analog, contains HD (and/or color), and the material is configured in a manner to receive said signal, it is by default a HD (and/or color) antenna.
I would think the key for this little buddy is it's directional. Get it high enough to discount obstructions, and it should work fine.