dealsnintendo 3ds rollback price for $159.00 + freeā€¦


of course it doesn't include the 3DS XL that doesn't come out until Sunday 8/19.


Well i just wanted to make sure this was clear. :D


Ah the 3DS: the biggest waste of money I've ever had.



Gotta say I agree, it's the least impressive of them all. Good price mind you.

Titles too. It's just not quite as good. Twice as heavy, and something is just missing...

Nintendos format is the same every time, huh?
Original large version, then smaller lighter version with slightly larger screens. Then larger still screen version, then release new system..
The XL on the second revision is interesting this time. Could it be that sales were't quite up to snuff, so straight onto the big boy?


Sorry, I don't find this to be that great of a deal. I can go to my local Tradesmart and get it for the same price.



I don't know what a Tradesmart is but we don't have them here. I figure some savings is better then none :D