dealsridgid 12v cordless jobmax oscillating multi-tool…


I have a corded Dremel version of this tool (called the MultiMax) and it rocks. I used it most recently to trim and cut areas of a new deck. Would have been a lot trickier with hand tools or a reciprocating saw. There are also a lot of attachments available on eBay that are interchangeable with, or have adapters for other models.


I generally avoid cordless tools less than 18v, but this is sort of different. Anyone know if it actually has some guts and battery life?


@bigelowb: Reviews say it has plenty of power, but it wasn't included in the shootout most look at (it's probably newer)

However, these guys like it.

I just bought one, as my HF, although cheap, is too noisy for sanding, and I figured.. what the hey (you can quote me on that)