dealsnapoleon dynamite: like the best special edition…


While I love the movie, is that really a sale price? =/ It doesn't strike me as being all that great for a single movie and an older one at that.


Are you gonna eat them tots? Funniest line!


Do the chickens have large talons?


I just love the part where the farmer shoots the cow in front of the school bus! haha awesome...


@jackofallgames42: To be honest I was watching the movie last night and the disc was all scratched up and skipping (darn friends and family using me as a rental service!) so I went on a quest to buy a new copy. I was ready to buy from Amazon but they're charging $16.97. Happily I found the Walmart "deal" for $12.86. :-D


This movie was funny 8 years ago when it came out.. Hardly relevant now. I do own the movie, but haven't watched it in years. And now Fox has come out with a cartoon series.. UGG


@charlesp2009: With the special edition one u can buy it from individual sellers on amazon for less than 9 dollars with shipping.


I have actually watched the animated version and it is pretty funny (if you are into that type of humor). It rates right up there with the movie.


@segafanalways: I like the animated show, it's not quite the same but it's still got some funny stuff. I was really impressed that so much of the cast returned to for cartoon.