dealsa christmas story full size 45" leg lamp for $129…


Fra-Jee-lay... That must be Italian!


"Leg and shade ship in separate boxes."

Disappointing. I'd pay $30 for shipping if it came in a big wooden crate with the same type of packing materials as in the movie. +1 if they had two guys deliver into my living room, upside down. That'd be half the fun.


I wish my house had a large front window to put this in!


You used up all the glue ON PURPOSE!!!!


buy one for every window in the front of the the house!


You can just buy a major award. You have to win it!


The soft glow of electric sex gleaming in the window!


Fa-ra-ra-ra-raaaaa ra-ra, ra, raaaaaa


if i had the extra cash to burn i would so have one of these for my window! even at 33yrs old i still watch the movie at least 4 times every season.


Yes! I have a big front window on a busy street! Oh, how I would love to put one of these up there...


I love how it's fully insured against "damage" or loss, too bad I don't have a basement with a furnace :( , but I do LOVE turkey and my neighbor has a very annoying dog!!


Every leg lamp is shipped in a FRAGILE box. Wooden FRAGILE crate shipping is available for added authenticity (add $99 for Leg only in crate (shade comes in cardboard box), or $169 for fullsize crate containing both Leg & shade), allowing you to recreate the movie experience and provide the ultimate impact for delivery.


Just wondering how much it would cost to make one yourself. Shouldn't be too hard if you could get ahold of a leg. Like $50 with the lampshade?

@craig616: There's a restaurant by my house that has one in every window!


Fraaagiiile. Oh look honey. It's a lamp. It's a leg lamp. I gonna put it right here...


@bestbuysucks: That text is from the buyleglamps link, not the Amazon link at the top.


Just for you purists out there, this is very close - and I have one that's very similar if not the same - but it's not EXACTLY like the one in the movie. The one in the movie is a bit chunkier, especially toward the top, where it suggests the beginning of a cheek. But this one is close enough to become the envy of the neighborhood, which I am. By wife broke mine, and she used up all the glue on purpose.


It's $129 until you get to the Amazon site where it is $159. No gift wrapping available too...$30 shipping? Um...