dealstwizzlers twists candy, 2 for $4.00


FYI, this ends up being "save $1 on 2"


These have been advertised at all the local grocery stores for the last 2 or 3 weeks at 3 pkgs for $5 and in the store I go to most often the pkgs were also 20% more product free.

PS--low fat snack but not low calorie or low sugar carbs : (


Twizzlers, no.

Red Vines.


@dfm77: What is the difference between Red Vines & Twizzlers?
I've never seen Red Vines around here so I've never had a chance to taste them but it seems that most people have a definite preference between the 2 and usually hate the other.
Personally, I love Twizzlers but they are like potato chips---you can't eat just 1, so I don't have them around because a whole pack would be gone in 2 days.


They are both great. Just way different in taste & texture. I dominate them equally.