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This shows that Ameteria does NOT have a valid WHM license.. which makes me think they are not a legit web hosting company. I would be VERY wary about doing business with this "company". They are probably a reseller anyways.. I would highly suggest you go a more known and reputable company before throwing your money away.


Abda53, though I appreciate that you are looking out for the woot community, I can assure you that Ameteria is 'legit.' We have been providing web hosting since 2008 and we aren't going anywhere.

The reason why there isn't a WHM license for that IP is simple, it's a dedicated IP used for SSL, not the server IP. It's actually very standard practice.

You can't always judge a book by it's cover. Try us out before you warn others to stay away :)


@ameteria: No thanks, but I do appreciate the reply! Are you reselling or do you have your own servers in-house or at a datacenter? It looks like your hosting is all shared hosting?

There were a few things in your TOS that would make me not want to do hosting there. Your TOS basically says that while you have a 99.9% uptime guarantee (not higher?), you basically cover yourself for 99% of all downtime issues. Your modifications section in your TOS is also a bit disturbing. You also offer no backup solution. You also claim to give "unlimited" resources with the highest plan, however we all know the truth about what "unlimited" means ;)


I'm also wanting to see more information about your services, speeds, servers, datacenter, etc.. the site itself is very plain and does not give a lot of information.

With all that said, I'm sure your hosting would be great for certain "low end" or basic websites. I would be hesitant on recommending it for higher CPU/memory intensive sites/scripts that might need more than shared hosting. It is very good pricing which you can't beat.. but with web hosting you really do get what you pay for, and for some people that might not be quite enough. I may try out your hosting for one of my lower end clients


@abda53 We have several servers, most are rented, though we did start buying equipment.

At this time, we only advertise shared hosting, though if a customer needs something like a VPS or dedicated server, we always jump to help out. In terms of market, shared hosting is the biggest.

As per the TOS, you know we have to cover ourselves :). I can tell you that we have only had a small amount of outages within the past year, and each time we send out credits without the customer even asking. The TOS is more of a backup just in case. Unfortunatly, we can only provide a 99.9% uptime guarantee because that is realistic with shared hosting. All it takes is one customer to take a server down.


@abda53 You and I both know that Unlimited doesn't necessarily mean unlimited in terms of disk space. We try our best to keep up with the big guys on that one. We actually have several customers near the TB mark, who are still happy to host with us.

Thats certaintly a valid concern when it comes to additonal information on the server, I'll ask someone to get on that ASAP. We obviously don't recommend you to host the next Facebook with us, since it is shared hosting - but I think you would be suprised what our servers can do!

Thanks for your respose, I appreciate that you are willing to give us a shot!