dealsmini usb car charger 5v 3a for $2.79 + free…


Works great..... But be careful. It automatically selects expedited shipping for $1.99. You have to manually choose the free shipping option.


Since this specifically says iPhone, I would not trust it to work "well" for android phones. It will likely charge them at 500mA due to the way it is wired. So that's the same charge rate as a standard USB port. Apple decided to go a different route than the standard way of shorting the data wires to signify it's not USB charging to the device, allowing it to use more than 500mA.

Also, even though it says 3A, I'm willing to be that means 1A on one port, and 2A on another. That adds up to 3A, so it's 3A right?


I don't drive a mini, will this still charge my Corolla? How long is the cord? I work 27 miles from my house/home PC.


I tried the coupon and it didn't work. It's at regular price.


I just tried the coupon and it worked.

FYI, given there are two USB ports and you can charge two devices, and its made in China. My expectation - 3A maximum, both USB ports tied to the 5V regulator output inside. Don't expect something fancy at that price.


Been very happy with Meritline. Its stuff like wires ect are so well priced,the quality is fine.Then they ship it all the way from China in a envelope marked "Documents only" which means ipod wires and car charger in Mandarin.

Even their .99 cent stuff has a 85% chance of working!


Just checked it out and the deal may be over. $8.99 / $6.29 with the coupon MLC926FN.