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•Easy Installation with 4 self tapping screws (included) or heavy duty double-sided tape for mirrored cabinets.
•Holds up to 15 bottles of prescription meds.
•Lockout Feature ◦Disables lock for 5 minutes after 5 incorrect tries.

•19,500 Changeable Combinations so you can easily remember yours.
•Tones signal correctly or incorrectly entered combination.
•Spring Loaded Door for Easy Access ◦Door pops open when combination is entered correctly.

•Can also be used in dresser, closet door or night table if you prefer your medications bedside.
•Secures both prescription drugs as well as privacy.

FACT:Gun Deaths- 30,000+ per year
Rx Drug deaths- 100,000+ per year (1 every 5 minutes!)
Yet most parents lock up their firearms but not their Rx drugs!