dealsfrozen coke or frozen cherry at burger king for…


The free shipping really seals the deal.


Is it available in diet? I don't care for HFS. Not a health thing, I don't like it.


You dont need a coupon to get the 0.75 cent frozen drink! JUST ASK THEM THEY KNOW ABOUT IT!


What is up with their new ads? People playing basketball in the restaurant and strange costumes. I guess they are starting to get desperate.


I am worrried that it will melt in shipping before it get to me.


The free shipping is a lie! I called my local Burger King, and they refused to ship it or deliver it to me!


Speedway gas stations have a 44 oz. Freeze for $0.79 in Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Coke, or Mtn Dew


@marmstro: Ew. This is why everyone has diabetes!


$.75 is a deal on this, especially on a really hot day. Unfortunately my local Burger King sucks, Dilapidated building, massive pot-holes all over the parking lot, and out of stock on many items, I went there a few days ago in hopes of scoring a $.75 frozen coke, but the machine was broken

For those just looking for a cold drink on a hot day, Taco Bell has $1 drinks (including frozen mtn dew, etc) between 2-5pm; it seem's like it will run longer if not semi-permanently. Drinks are slightly bigger then the BK's version, and the frozen MTN Dew Baja Blast is awesome.