dealsstaples printable coupon: 15% off entire purchase…


Sounds like a awesome deal?


So the discount is on ink, paper, "supplies", and furniture? After they exclude everything, I'm not sure what else is left.

But the bag looks nice. I have a reusable that I grocery shop with and this looks similar. I assume the bag is free even if I don't fill it with anything?


I tried to print a coupon earlier today and could not. I went to Staples and bought about $60.00 of various items and placed them in the bag. I told the checkout that I did not have the coupon. She said, no problem, the 15% will work, you just have to pay 99 cents for the bag. I said okay-she said sorry the 15% didn't work. I went home, searched for a printable coupon, went back to the store, found the items I had wanted and repurchased them with the coupon only to have the checkout person say- sorry, the 15% did work before. Grand total in savings for driving back home, searching for a coupon, printing it, and driving back- 99 cents. I love savings, but not that much!


printed up a bunch of coupons. visited several staples stores. discounts works on clearance items. happy with the stuff i found.


About a 9 days ago Staples offered 12 pack of Sharpies for 4 bucks and free shipping. Boy did they impress me. It arrived in less than two days during the holidays.


The 12 pack of Sharpies is currently $5. Choice of all black or multicolored. 15% off can be used for Sharpies.