deals100 free games for iphone, ipad & android


Last I checked 40 (for android) was less than 60 (for iPad and iPod).


Are these in Spanish? Seems like they would be since it is a Spanish foundation but the website is in English.


Do you have to donate to get to the list of games? I can't seem to find them. I wouldn't mind donating, but last time I bought something in a foreign currency, I got nailed with exchange fees that made my deal not such a great deal. I just wanted to take a look at the games first. Maybe I'm just missing it though...


The games are listed on the page listed above. if you click on the images on the bottom half of the page, you'll be brought to the relevant App store, where the apps are listed as Free.

The donation is an entirely separate process, using PayPal. PayPal charges an Exchange Rate of 2.5% over the wholesale exchange rate. Yesterday, they charged
1 USD = 0.745476 EUR - which would have come to about $13.41 for a EUR 10 donation.


I am by no means a lawyer but is PayPal even allowed to take exchange fees on charity donations? Pretty sure taxes, fees, etc should be handled by another party not the money launderer that Paypal has become.


Are these all demo versions? If not how do you get free full versions?