dealsteam 32gb class 6 microsdhc flash card with…


Currently at $21.99, not $15.39.


you forgot to put in the promo code listed


In for 2, thanks! Wish it were class 10 but this is a great price and the extra performance isn't mandatory for my needs.


Great deal, and NewEgg is VERY reliable. Thanks for posting this!


Why won't the link work for me?


In for one. Tax is added for my state, but then I get to pay that on my state income tax form otherwise now :(


This (Class 6) card doesn't have any Newegg reviews, but the 32 GB Class 4 version currently has 42 reviews: 69% five-star, 10% one-star. ( )


@candre23: So if we order ... what price are we paying..??? And will a promo code that is missing get it for the $15.--. ??


@2george4: It's not that difficult guys. Ignore the price on the webpage. Add item to your cart. During check out there's a spot for promo codes. Enter EMCNDHH73 , just as I put in the description above, then click the "add" button. This will discount the item to $15.39. Continue check out as normal.

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@firebirdude: lol "remove the shoe laces from your shoes and replace with velcro" -- funniest thing I've seen all day! :)


Dang it. I just ordered 2 cards from Amazon yesterday.

In for 1 though!

These cards are great to load up and plug into the back of your Roku.


In 4, 2. $30 and change.

64 GB of flash memory, for 31 dollars.

Who'd a thunk!



I just picked one up, too. Just over $16 in CA w tax, delivered. Spectacular deal; I've been filling my 16gb card in my Canon with video at bronco all-star games. This will allow me to get double headers in full.


Well, mine died after about 3 weeks use in my new phone. Seems that is not that uncommon with this brand.