dealstravel charging station with surge protection and…


I'm not convinced this is really a better idea than a simple power strip. Power outlets in hotels (as with most anywhere else) are usually close to the floor. Which is not a place I want to be reaching down every morning and night to plug/unplug my phone. Nor worry about that it or other gadgets were forgotten when leaving.

A basic power strip costs about the same, usually has a long enough cord to set it on the desk where one can neatly lay out their phone, tablet, laptop, camera, etc. Some come with USB ports, or you could buy a compact dual-USB adapter which would just as easily reduce the real estate gobbled by wall warts.


I have one of these. It's a little bulky but works. You can do better price-wise, but it's a solid product.


I assume its a standard USB port on the side? Their awful photoshop job in the photo makes it hard to tell.


I really hope it says "Smartphone not included" on the product itself. That would make this worth purchasing.


@acraigl: Does this unit have a cord to plug it into the wall socket, or does it have prongs on the back to plug it directly into the wall? The product description and photos do not make this clear, but I suspect it has prongs on the back.


@johnt007871: 2 standard USB 'A' ports (I think that's how it's referred... the normal type :)
@nortonsark: It has a standard 3-prong grounded plug in the back. Right into the wall.

This is intended to create a shelf of sorts, and actually has a insert to allow for a bigger/smaller resting groove for your device. I assume the larger option is for tablets, but I don't see how it would allow for that much weight on the outlet :-0

@thedogma: Sorry to disappoint -- my version is disclaimer-free. Nothing a sharpee can't fix, tho.