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I monitor this stuff all the time. This was not offered 18hrs ago, BS!!!


Skip B&H photo. I bought from them once, will never do it again. They called me shortly after purchase to try and bully me into making extra purchases that were not necessary claiming they would void my warranty unless I purchased them along with the camera.


@tarantino: I wonder why they did this to you and not me? I've bought thousands of dollars worth of hardware from B&H and never had them call me.

9.8 out of 10 rating on over 51,000 reviews.


@cebooher3: No idea.. Are there two B&Hs out there? One has dismal ratings and the other is great.


Love B&H! They always seem to have what I want at the moment at the right price. Bought this exact drive for the same price back in Jan. No probs. Just bought a Win7 HP Upgrade disk from 'em last month.
Haven't spent thousands, but good shipping and good prices. NEVER had 1 phone call, only e-mails to review the products purchased