dealsfarberware 7 piece bbq set for $25.00


@faughtey: you seem to list a lot from this site so i thought i'd ask you. i've been looking at their site for tomorrows deal (the 53 pc cutlery set). when i went to amazon to see reviews it's either love or hate. any ideas what kind of return policy has? and do they tend to sell the stuff no else can get rid of, or is it actually just a good deal?

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@moosezilla: I just happened to notice your comment. The return policy has been added into your comment via an edit. I think that you could say Housewaresdeals is rather like Nordstrom's Rack. Things that are out of season, or that there are too many of, or discontinued, all seem to end up here. Many of the things that are from here are repeated, often. There are any number of cutlery sets, and they don't seem to be among the discontinued item world.

I bought a set of dishes (because they had roosters on them, and because all my dishes are antiques, and I needed something for the microwave). I've purchased multiple things. They have the best packaging for fragile stuff I've ever seen. Ever.

Most of their things are just really good deals. Some of them are spectacular. They also have an actual human being on the other end of their 800 number (although only during the week).

The set tomorrow is a nice starter set, for not very much money.


Do you have a Dean Wormer at Faber?


@afranklin00: This looks like a really good deal, but it won't be seen by many people because it's listed here only as a comment.

Would you please post it as a separate deal, so it will get more exposure?