dealshp 17.3" quad-core i7 laptop (refurbished) for…


I bought one of these a week or two ago. It arrived promptly, and is by far the best laptop for the price I've ever purchased. It may take an hour or two to remove the bloatware, but it's fast, runs cool, handles the worst of the excel sheets I can throw at it and the sound is excellent.
No, I have no need for HP support yet, so I can't comment on that.


Got one for my brother-in-law. Got ST warranty also, just in case. Woot not yet fully integrated with ST, so be prepared to push some paper around (email didn't work for me, so I need to fax my receipt. No biggie).

Hey woot, I am grateful that shipping is just $5, but why did you unlock free shipping (until midnight) for me after I made my purchase? Bug?



info from woot...

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Brothers Wooters, can someone please comment if this machine is worth the price? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Also, it would be nice to know what model it is to compare prices.


All the info I got was from here

Model is HP Pavilion M7-1015DX


I bought mine from Woot last week. The laptop is great, but when I received it the keyboard is crack and bubbling up around the keys. Woot is telling me they don't have any left in stock... Um... Right. I've called hp about the warranty a half a dozen times today with no real help. Looks like I'm going to have to PAY to get it fixed myself, since Woot doesn't even guarantee refunds and states that they have the right to not return your items if you send them back. Boo, Woot. Thanks for the broken laptop.


Good Lord Woot, are you ever going to ship these? I ordered on the 10th, still not shipped on the 16th?

BTW, there is a good chance these are new/unused/not refurbished. Many know that Microcenter has this same model on clearance for about $30 more. I was talking to the sales associate there who said the ones that are being sold by MC are actually new, not refurb. They just took Best Buy's excess inventory and are selling them off. Perhaps Woot is doing the same thing? I guess we will see if/when I ever receive mine.


Funny, within a couple hours of posting above, my account was updated with tracking info. Looks like they actually shipped mine on the 15th by UPS.