dealsfree sample of dove deodorant


Does anybody else ever feel guilty about putting in a random number to get a free sample?


make sure to enter a BIRTHDATE OF AT LEAST 18 YEARS. I entered 2012 as the year only b/c I didn't want them to know my age and they said that I needed to be at least 18 y.o. for this offer. Then when I tried to re-enter with the correct birthdate, I got booted out saying only one per household and that I already signed up for this offer.


If you put in any 12 digit number; it seems to work :)


I really love the scent of the one they are giving away. I've considered buying the body mist, I like it that much.


Scam for your information, you need costo id.


@djanlp: I don't feel guilty entering a random number. Then again, I have a Costco membership, so I entered a real number.


just so you know, this product (CVS listed ingredients claims) contains Aluminium zirconium tetrachlorohydrex gly, which has been linked in some studies to Alzheimer's and/or breast cancer. many of the studies have not been corroborated by further research, and some seem to be inconclusive.

just thought you should know.


Finally, a low budget gift i can get for the people I hate, who are coincidentally the people who smell badly.


Very good post. Thank you.


Finally, a free way to rid my spouse of my nauseating odor.


Thanks, adding to our stockpile.


I'm going to the homeless shelter and giving these out.


I have a Costco Membership so I didn't really care about putting in the info. I've got a whole persona set up for this random stuff that refers to my cat Winston instead of myself.

They estimate 4-6 weeks for delivery time on this by the way, so I hope no one needs it for next weekend.


worked just great!! Did not bother me to use any number. Did not want to give my reg...too much spam


@xelement5x: That is a fabulous name for a cat.
Also Internet high five for having a freebie alter ego. I do the same ;)


Love it! Thanks for the "cheat"! :)