dealsthe steam awesome autumn sale for $2.50 + free…


Daliy Deals:
XCCOM Enemy Unknown 33% off(get this)

Magic Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 50% off

The Walking Dead 50% off (get this)

Darksiders II Death Lives 66% off (meh)

Age of Empiers III Complete 75% off (buy AOE II instead)

Terraria 66% off (you should already own this)

Indies have their own page how nice

There are also Flash Sales that refresh oftenish


The indies don't seem to have daily specials but these are the featuered ones.

Sanctum, 75% off (get this)

World of Goo 75% off (how do you not aready own this for shame!)

Waves 75% off

Audiosurf 75% off

Fortune Summoneers 50% off

Cave Story 75% off (greatness is in here)

q.u.b.e 75% off (any game with dots in it's title isn't worth your love)

E.Y.E Divine Cybermancy 75% off (except this one)

KRATER 66% off (it's got co-op so...)


@chronosquall14: It's not on sale ATM but it might be in a flash sale later. I'll probably check Steam constantly so if I see it go on sale I'll tell you through the magic of the internets.


@the7654: Thanks! Can't check Steam at the office.


@the7654: throw me an @ reply as well for FTL please, also dont forget that amazon should be starting out with there big sale tomorrow through monday, (there are SEGA games on it cheap right now)


It is not advertised but ARMA II: Combined Operations is 40% off also making it only $17.99. This is the edition you need to run the Day Z mod....You welcome


@raremonkey: No this isn't the FTL has arrived email.
Just saying I will update you also yesterday I put up an Amazon Games Thanksgiving sale thing but it was taken down. :(


@chronosquall14: How will you buy it from the office. should be able to get you through but they will know you downloaded a vpn from work. ¬_¬

Also the first flash sales end in 10 hours so hopefully you don't have such a suckly long work day.


@the7654: ha, i will have my wife take care of it if i cannot get to the store in time.


@the7654: said: "Age of Empiers III Complete 75% off (buy AOE II instead)"

I dont see AOE II on Steam, do you?
Thats my favorite, I cant play it on my piece of crap HP Laptop because the DVD drive is broke.

Steam would be a solution...


@danieleg: A good point well there is AOE Online the F2P game...
Doubt its as good as AOE II though.
Also I feel your pain I've had similar issues in the past with CnC Generals I had to buy that game more than a couple times but it was worth it.
Also also since you do own it you are morally cleared to download a copy even if you aren't fully legally allowed to do that and surely there is somebody you could give the disk to have them make an iso then install it through a virtual CD reader a la Deamon Tools.
Again also 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 :)


Best thing to do for Steam sales is make a wishlist for anything you have your eye on, then check it when the sale rolls around. Tons of items that aren't listed front page are still on sale, even the crapware.


@the7654: Thanks, some good info there.
I already have AOE F2P... it looks a little cheesy.
I only played it for a few minutes.
I will look into the daemon tools thing.
Whats the 30 30 30?


@danieleg: 30 is the chat command for WooLooLoo. :p
If you need a more complete explanation on doing i through Deamon Tools I could probably help you but its pretty easy with all the walkthroughs on the internets.


KOTOR 2, the greatest game ever, for $2.50.
Just imagine how great it would have been if they had finished the ending. But still.


Just gonna say...Audiosurf is really really cool. Not a game you'd play for hours on end but the amount of work they've put into the interface is really astounding and makes for incredibly unique gameplay. For metalheads its great, you have to dodge the breakdowns for moar hardcore.


Orcs Must Die! Franchise Pack is $17 and comes with OMD 1 and 2 and all their current DLC. Highly recommend.


I, too, want to slow jam THIS news!

"Awwww yeah, seems things are gettin' STEAMy up in here. Ohhh..." xD

P.S. If the game you want isn't 75% off now, don't buy it. It will be by the end of the sale so don't over pay!!! :)


Batman Arkham City Game of the Year edition is fifteen bucks. The stock version without all the extra DLC is ten bucks.


You can find the value of all your steam games here, just put in your ID instead of mine.


There is a F2P Age of Empires that i think is pretty good. gives me my fix anyway.

EDIT: I see that's been said, a bunch.


I think Waves is fantastic. If you're a fan of twin-stick shooters, you will love it.

Also, if you don't already have Terraria, you're a bad person.


@segafanalways: I have been waiting for the Winter sale to grab this, didn't expect Autumn sale. Can't wait to try some Day Z!


Some things of note:
flash sales 10 hours left on both
Rage 75% off ($5) and it is well worth it if you aren't the kind of person to finish games also Train Simulator 2013 66% off for a total price with DLC of $574.08!

Something else well for the money the F2P Tribes Ascend has some good deals
steam starter pack 70% off $6 and the raider pack 70% off $4.49

Also the Valve pack is 50% off for $50

Sanctum on sale for $2.50 but also the Sanctum with all the DLC is also 75% off for $4.74 that game doesn't start with many maps and usually when Sanctum goes on sale the DLC isn't or only at a smaller discount so that is a good one

similarly Defense Grid: The Awakening with all the DLC is $4.00

something else Indie Game The Movie is $2.50

and not a great deal but I'm going to show it anyway Thirty Flights of Loving is 33% off for $3.74

and not Steam but Star Wars: The Old Republic went F2P a couple days ago so that is an okay deal--only okay because it uses Origin. :}


@mbrower72: be prepared to work at getting it up and running. It is a pain. For instructions go to and search days install instructions. That isn't where I had my problem though. The first thing was getting Operation Arrowhead to run. I had a common error, after some research I got that fixed the Battleeye DRM wouldn't let me play multiplayer, moded or not. I finally got that fixed. All in all it took me 3 to 4 hours to get it up and running.


Steam Sale Remix Part 2!

Daily Deals:
Arma II 50%
Max Payne 3 75%
Awesomenauts 66%
Portal 2 75%
Sleeping Dogs 50%
Prototype 2 50%
Yesterday's deals still good for 23 more hours


@the7654: of course ARMA II is $3 less than yesterday. Oh, well it is still a great game.


@segafanalways: Someone didn't listen to violetarrows's advice did they?


@the7654: it was on sale yesterday but only for 40% off and now it's 50% off.


@segafanalways: Just think of it as a digital life lesson like all the digital life lessons you will learn in DayZ. To reiterate yes lots of the Steam catalog goes on sale with the daily deals being better deals so until the last day you are better off only buying daily deals and flash sales unless you are unless like me and will forget on the last day and then fill with sadness. Also sometimes on the last day many daily deals will come back and sometimes they come back at a lower price. Either way Gabe probably needs your money more than you do... :p


@the7654: I waited for the one during the summer sale but $17.99 was the lowest it went so I didn't want to miss it again. It was a great deal even at $17.99 though


This is a great sale.

However, looks like ARMA2 download is $14.99 on Amazon, and you get a $5 credit for use later on.

But The Orange Box is just $9.99 on Steam.

Many thanks to the OP.


Flash Deal: 4.5 hours left
Ravaged $3.39 or $10.19 for a four pack.
The savings on the four pack are the kind of extra savings that make up for over spending on ARMA. :p

Or not a flash deal
Section 8: Prejudice $3.74
Sectoin 8: Prejudice - Four Pack $11.24 (all 4 copies come with all the DLC!)


@the7654: Dood, U R a rockstar!!!

BTW, I did get it to load with that Magic Disk software, but I had to delete because it insisted on loading at startup. I have too many things running in the background as it is. Soluto couldnt stop it.

Anyhow, thanks for the heads up!!