dealslenovo ideapad z580 15.6" laptop intel core i5 2…


I've had the best luck with lenovo and reliability than I've had with HP, Samsung, Toshiba, Acer or Asus.

I'm currently on the lenovo G550 which has a dual core pentium T4400 2.2 GHz processor (x2) and 8GB RAM. I bought it for $500 about 2 years ago and have never had to reinstall or do a recovery (Windows 7).

This is the first notebook that either me or my wife have owned that has never had to be sent off for repair.

My notebook is no gaming monster but I did play EVE Online with it and it performed decently.

Based on it's phenomenal service and reliability, I'd buy another one again with confidence.


I have two Z560 series and both of them at the service center multiple times ... hard drive failure, graphics card failure ... blah ... blah ... I am very skeptical about Lenovo. I thought they would maintain the quality of IBM but I was wrong


Wow, that's really a good deal.


Great deal...but please shoot me if I ever need a terabyte on my laptop.


@morriea: a lot of people need the space for games.... modern games take up like 15gb each.


@dmccarth: no doubt. I was talking about me. I have more than that on my desktop...I only want to be shot if I need it on my LAPTOP. (and my statement was tongue in cheek...I need a sarcasm button)


Just got asked for advice on buying and recommended this. Looks awesome for the price!