dealscuisaid prodigital digital kitchen scale for $9.99


You can find decent less expensive scales on ebay all the time. Just have to wait for shipping from China.


Cuisaid: For when even Cuisinart is outside of your price range.


Super cheap compared to buying one in a store. I can't speak to the brand but I bought a kitchenaid one at half off when my local Kroger was remodeling and having it in the kitchen is pretty awesome. I'm pretty nerdy at baking bread and weighing is better than converting to volume.


It looks like this thing generally sells for $20 online so it's not a bad deal. I've been told that weighing ingredients is the way to go with baking, although I've never done that. Could be a nice thing to have.

That said, this is the 27th best selling item in its Amazon category and I noticed that there are cheaper and more expensive scales selling better. Just an FYI.