dealskindle with special offers customers: buy one of…


I can't find the special offers to request the code.


How do you get the code? I only see an area to enter the code.


I can see where to put the code in.... but how do you get it? Is there another link one step behind putting in the code that you meant to post?


This is only for the kindles with special offers.


I heard somewhere that eReaders are causing a massive spike in the sale of romance novels because people besides single moms and creepers can read them in public without being embarrassed by the cover art.


Is this really a deal if you have to have a Kindle with Special Offers to get it? If someone really wants one of these books, I can share my code off mine.


@apocello42: Could well be. These "romance" novel ebooks are also free quite often. BN and Amazon both have plenty of free "romance" novels for download, not to mention the proliferation of them on Smashwords.

"Romance" goes in quotes because typically, these books are a more socially-acceptable way to read erotica. (I don't think plainly labeled erotica could make it to the shelves at a supermarket, anyway.)

Guess dime novels are a buck now?


@hockeybbot: Do you have Kindle? Do you have the Kindle with Special Offers?

It's all in the title folks.


@misteredd: As stated above:

Turn on your Kindle with Special Offers. Go to the Menu. Select View Special Offers, Select Get one of 100 Romance eBook titles for $1, Request the email, go to Amazon and enter the code from the email. Select your book out of the 100 titles.


It comes to you in your email once you select "email me this offer" on your Kindle with Special Offers.

It took about an hour for me to receive mine once I requested it.


@angelofchaos99: The romances offered by these best selling authors are very rarely free. They are not indie authors, most are NY Times best sellers.

The last time I saw an author on the list of 100 books for $1.00 was a Connie Brockway book which was an Amazon Goldbox Deal of the Day. Her books are typically $7.99.


@liss: Yes. It really is a deal.

I bought a $6.39 book for $1 today with my code.

You enter the code, go to the list of 100 books, make your selection, hit buy. Look at the confirmation email from Amazon with the Order info, it will read $1.


Just for any kids late to the party, you can add special offers to your Kindle Keyboard or later that was purchased without special offers, and remove them at will after adding (but really they're utterly uninvasive and make the screen savers change some at least).

Go to your amazon account, manage kindle on the left, then manage your devices, then edit under the bit where it says special offers on the row with your device. And presto, you got ads. But really, I'm a big fan, and spammed Amazon customer service to get the ability.


I have a kindle and don't usually subscribe to special offers, so thanks for the heads up. I just subscribed, got the code, and unsubscribed. Easy process. Offer good through February 12.

@dreamyvelvet: I actually returned my kindle with special offers and paid the extra $40 to get an ad-free kindle. I found them irritating, even though they were just screensavers and at the bottom of the home screen. I probably wouldn't have returned it if it hadn't also broken, but since I had to return it anyway I decided it was worth the $40 to be ad free.