dealskitchenaid artisan 325-watt 5-quart stand mixer…


I forgot to note, this is the Better style KitchenAid Mixer. This is the style that has the neck that bends up. This is not the cheaper model with the fixed neck. The rebate will technically work with any color, but the coupon is specific to Newegg, and they only stock the black model. That's the only thing keeping me from jumping on this deal. I want the red model! :)


It's worth spending the extra $50 up front and $70 overall ($250 up front w/ $30 MIR) for the 5.5 Qt model with a fixed neck and drop-bucket at Costco B&M. These smaller units come with weaker motors and just aren't the same level of quality.


This is still a great deal. I have a 5 qt that I use all the time (at least twice a week). You can occasionally find them on steep-discount sales for about $179, so the $50 gift card is a great deal if you're a techie (or know someone who is). Usually comes with a mixing blade, bread hook, and whisk attachment, with tons more attachments for sale. This is one item worth paying the extra price for over one of the cheap Wal-Mart brand plastic mixers.


My husband got me a white one for 159 on Amazon at Christmas time (4.5 qt, but plenty big enough for me.) I love it more than I thought possible.


I've read SO MANY complaints about the kitchenaids that I don't want to get one. Cuisinart makes a 7qt that is supposedly a beast but about $340. :/

I had a commercial model K.A. blender that I used in my home for a couple years. It started leaking grease into the pitcher. They replaced it for free which was great though not with a commercial model. They seem to make good products that are plagued by little problems.


Thanks for the rebate form - I bought a wedding gift for a friend of the yellow 5qt at Kohl's about 3 weeks ago and stacked discount upon Kohl's cash upon discount. But there was no rebate that I could find. This rebate applies to my purchase since I still have it and hadn't wrapped it. Thanks a bunch!