dealsbreaking bad: the complete first season [blu-ray…


Great deal for an amazing show. Watch the first season and you'll be hooked.


Ayoo Mr whiteeeeee. Bitchhhhhh


Great show, but you might as well just get Netflix for $8/month and stream ALL of the seasons.

Sure, you won't own the discs if you do Netflix, but IMO, owning discs is becoming a thing of the past.


I can't wait for tonight's new episode too.


any advantage to having this on blu ray rather than streamed on Netflix? Can you see the meth more clearly? Am trying to catch up quickly and I'm afraid we won't be able to watch on Netflix quickly enough to make it worthwhile to do it that way...
(i.e., it costs $8/month for netflix. Will probably take me 2 months to watch all of the episodes, what with holidays and procrastination, and I get free shipping from Amazon - the blu ray and then give it to someone for xmas?)


@chelbell: It depends greatly on your set up (tv size, sound system etc.), but at least with season 4, I can see and hear a significant improvement on the blu-ray verses Netflix. I have only streamed the first 3 seasons, so I can not comment directly.

One thing that is super nice about Netflix, is that if you have to wait a week or more between shows, Netflix will remember what you have watched.

Verdict: It is simpler and faster to watch them on Netflix, may be more enjoyable on blu-ray, depending on equipment.


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