dealssamsung 32" class 3112" diag. led 1080p 60hz…


Haven't we (the internet) all decided that smart TVs are not worth the price? 32 inch TVs are often around $200 mark. That means you are paying $175 for a built-in Roku. Whereas the standalone Roku is less than $100 and when/if it ever breaks or you want to upgrade you don't need to replace your TV.

I am pretty sure this was decided.


3112 inches. That's enormous..and at that price. would've been sweet if it was true.. :(

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@matkyne: Samsung TVs are much higher quality than some Vizio or whatever. That is where the higher price comes from. I specifically mention Vizio because I own a 2008 Samsung and got a new Vizio for the bedroom (I bought based on lowest price since I didn't really want it, it was for the wife). The construction and picture quality was comically bad in comparison to the Samsung and my wife insisted I return it.


@themcnasty: I have 2 Samsungs and 2 Vizios. The picture quality on all of them is fantastic. The only difference between them (other than the price) is that both of the Samsung TVs have dead pixels. I am not suggesting buying an Insignia or a Coby, but Vizio TVs are pretty damn good.


I just wonder why you'd pay for 1080p in that size TV unless you intended to put it up very close.

Dell had a 720p TV, Samsung, good reviews, for $267 (plus tax) and a $125 eGift card. Stomped all over this deal. I ordered mine 8/13 at 7AM and I should have the dang thing with free freight TODAY.


@chronosquall14: A lot of people use 32" TV's as computer monitors. Where that Samsung deal is pretty good for a bedroom TV, I'd probably pay a bit more and get a better TV.

I've owned 1 Samsung TV and a couple Samsung monitors in the past. Within the first year, I'd get dead pixels in the things and get pissed when they don't qualify for a warranty exchange.

If I had a kid that needed a TV in their room, I'd jump all over that deal for $147 for a 32" TV. I emailed it to my aunt who was looking for one and I'm sure she'll end up buying 2 of them.