dealshd movie of the day "total recall" starring colin…


Don't let the low Tomatometer Ranking deter you, it really isn't that bad of a movie, especially at $0.99!


This movie was horrible and nothing at all even resembling the original. For 99 cents, though, not a big deal.


rental? nope. $.99 to buy maybe. Ruin my total recall. dummies... I can NOT rent this at my redbox for $1. So you're only saving me $.01 to not rent it on VUDU.


Don't do it!

It's not worth .99 cents. It's not worth any cents. I do not know anything redeeming about this film. Maybe a joke or two I laughed at, but I mostly laughed at the shoddy writing. Drinking game. Take a shot for every time you hear the word "shit" uttered in exasperation.

The journey through the center of the Earth thing is an interesting concept, but all-in-all the film is just bush league. It's not campy enough, but it's not really "serious" (as serious as you can get with this sort of sci-fi genre) enough either. As if the problems with the script and the concept and the acting weren't all bad enough, even the fundamental stuff like the lighting and cinematography is a mess. Too often the scene would just be too dark. This happens a lot in the beginning and end.

Anyways, really bad film. 2 out of 10.


today only?
I think amazon instant video has this for .99 everyday


@stephen6789: it's not. I've never seen the original version (insert comments) so I have nothing to compare it to but I didn't think it was that bad; I mean it wasn't starring Nicholas Cage or anything ;)