dealssesame street - follow that bird dvd for $3.98


This is offered on Instant Streaming Via Netflix. My daughter (22 months) really enjoys it.


Such a good movie, with silly little nods to the grown-ups watching, too.


a triumph of american cinema. and no, i'm not joking.


Sadly Romney is doing away with our feathered friend :(


As the great Peter Griffin once said "The Bird is the "


@crazydogtshirts: Not sure why you are getting downvoted. He literally said this in the debate. He wants to cut funding for PBS and mentioned by name Big Bird.

RIP John Candy. One of my comedic heroes.


We can't afford to subsidize PBS. They'll survive on ad revenue like all other channels, but I shouldn't be forced to pay higher taxes just because the PBSers want a handout.


Yes, not continuing the miniscule funding of our Public Broadcasting System would definitely put a HUGE dent in our deficit--whereas taxing millionaires wouldn't do a thing.


PBS is only .0012% of the budget. Cancelling PBS to save significant money is like not buying tic-tacs at the grocery store and telling your spouse that you were trying to save hundreds of dollars. When you look at the numbers, it appears quite foolish. It also will get rid of many American jobs.

Start with cutting the rates on overpriced government contractors working for American companies that headquarter in places like Dubai so they don't have to pay taxes, and you'd be surprised on how much more substantial an effect that would be than cutting PBS, or NASA for that matter. There are far better places to remove grift from the government - he just used PBS because it made for an ear-catching soundbite that would rile people up.


An amazing movie. Fun fact: This movie was released only a few months before Snuffy was officially recognized as real, rather than imaginary. Several indicators in the movie hint that he would soon be made officially real, examples:
He has an actual house that Big Bird visits
He sends Big Bird a rather large postcard that others acknowledge
Big Bird has a scene where he misses snuffy and imagines him, but notes that they cant touch.

Great movie, great way to show support


you know what's really foolish? Sesame Street and the Sesame Workshop are self-supporting. They needed the help of PBS and government funding to become so (another example of what Obama was trying to explain about how someone has helped all of us at one time or another). But they had an experimental model, and they needed to start it somewhere commercial (seriously, people who are suggesting that what we need are MORE commercially sponsored children's shows are idiots. Have any of you ever watched a child watching product licensed shows?).

Sesame Workshop does get some government assistance - but they get 5 times as much from other governments as they get from the American one (the Canadian government gives twice as much directly). You know what they do with American funding? They create special directed shows for military families, including children who have lost a parent in military service.


btw, while the online sale is over, Target carries this consistently in their kids $5 video section. I bought the remastered one there in July.


Sesame Street and the other big programs on PBS like Masterpiece are franchises worth hundreds of millions of dollars that would be scooped up in a heartbeat on the open market.


@curtisuxor: The down votes are from the Cons,you mention taxes funding anything educational, they get the green apple quick step.


He said he would not borrow money from China to keep it going.


although i agree its not costing much from the deficit to support pbs where is the money that they get from merchandise and other licensing going , the sesame street sales alone should offset many costs


"He said he would not borrow money from China to keep it going."
The money was already borrowed from China by the Bush Administration, and it's called our national debt. We owe it. Many things were said by Romney in the debate that either had no merit but sounded great to people who don't have enough background of information to realize he was lying.

"although i agree its not costing much from the deficit to support pbs where is the money that they get from merchandise and other licensing going , the sesame street sales alone should offset many costs"
These are all great distractions from the real issues, such as taxing millionaires and billionaires.
Reagan was so successful at distracting the public from corporate welfare by making his issue the single mother on food stamps...same thing. Corporations making billions in profits and not paying taxes???--making the public clean up their toxic messes? NO! It's the single mother on food stamps killing this country!


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@pjlaw1: except that was a notably simplified thing to say. We have not borrowed money from China. We have borrowed money in general, and the Chinese gov't has bought the debt from corps that have made the loans. at no point has the US borrowed directly from China. What I do not understand is why thousands of people, many of whom have had debt collectors buy their debt, don't understand that this is exactly what China has done. The only way to avoid China owning some of the US debt is not to incur any debt, and there are actually very good reasons of international economics to have other countries holding US debt.


Just posted, and deals with what we were discussing. "The Rumble 2012 Bill O'Reilly VS Jon Stewart, The Rumble in the Air Conditioned Auditorium."


Big Bird makes more money than Mitt Romney

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting receives about $450million from Congress each year. About $280million goes to PBS and the local stations.

Federal funding makes up about 12 per cent of the PBS budget.

President and CEO Gary Knell received $956,513 -- nearly a million dollars -- in compensation in 2008. And, from 2003 to 2006, "Sesame Street" made more than $211 million from toy and consumer product sales.

If you break that down, it works out to over $50 million a year "Sesame Street" is taking in from all that merchandising.

Yep, that one-percenter Big Bird makes about four times what Mitt Romney does annually

The bottom line for my liberal friends who see Mitt Romney as an EVIL person ready to GUT PBS...fear not....BIG BIRD can survive in the Free market....he is a Capitalist at Heart.


I'm guessing you got all of your "facts" from Fox "news"...