deals5 battlefield 3 dog tags for $0.00


Very Nice....the dog tags, not the trailer.


Legit. Pretty nice ones too.


Looks like Navy Seals. "Ooooh, Naveeeee Seals"


currently playing stupid promotion on mute while checking other deals on woot


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November 4, 2011 PC
means what...?


What is the meaning of the MORS REGIS tag? Please enlighten me.


These tags are for character customization in the game. I'm sorry to those that were confused.


Anyone who wears dogtags that they buy ought to be ashamed. Dogtags are earned, not purchased. It is a slap in the face to those that earn them to buy them as a fashion accessory.


in less then 4 days no one will be playing this game anyways.


@bigshtank: I bought mine gold plated in Kuwait during Desert Fox. My religion is stamped "Jedi Knight" since I didn't like the "No Pref" the Army stamped on it while in basic. They sit in my nightstand now, still have the 550 cord shell threaded over the beads


@snitzleiii007: same here, movie looked really cheesy


@zig503: The king's death, if google translate is to be believed.

More likely it's "the death of the king"

@tnrobert43: or that, you beat me to it and I didn't even notice.


@bigshtank: How dare people think they deserve to have a way to be identified should anything happen to them! THE NERVE!


Got mine. Movies looks cool. Looking forward to it.
Who wants to try and get my dogtags? I'm at 41 sets in my collection and growing everyday. BRING IT!


Mors Regis would more properly be translated as "death reigns". Ultimately the grim reaper wins. That is why death is always shown with a grin. Only those who are prepared to die can truly be said to live.

You mock your betters. You would not last a day at BUDS/UDT training (the formal name of SEAL training) - most of those who VOLUNTEER for it wash out of the course. Be damned glad you have such men willing to put themselves in harm's way for such as you. They are why you are able to sleep peacefully in your bed at night. As Orwell put it: "We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm." The SEAL Teams are some of those "rough men" (women, too, nowadays).


@cyborgbill: Lighten up, Francis. It's a quote from the movie Clerks. I poke fun at the inane movie, not the Navy. As a combat veteran of OEF/OIF I'm more than a little familiar with what it takes to put myself in harm's way for the defense of what I value. I sleep just fine knowing that my three children will live in a better world because of my sacrifice and the sacrifice of others like me.


@mrsmoofy: You mean that YOU won't be playing this game in 4 days. I realize that some, like you, lack the skill necessary to play Ballefield. That's OK. CoD: Modded Borefest is perfect for you; built for the pre-teen crowd and their NAMBLA stalkers, with it's living room sized maps, no vehicles, and ways to cheat up your so-called "prestige," you can camp away.



I think the movie looks pretty good IMO


Why are people so angry?? Can't we all get along?


i think it looks cool too...i'll rent/stream it when it comes out on netflix or amazon on demand


I have Battlefield 3 and love it (at least I love the multi-player part), but I still don't get the dog tag appeal or use in the game. Is it just to show off?



Battlefields a great game, don't let the MW fanboys tell you other wise, try it and decide for your self.


@tnrobert43 & @zig503: Regis is singular, so King's Death is more accurate.


These tags for Battlefield 3 customization.
NOTE that in order to redeem this offer you need an account on If you don't have one you're given the chance to create it and proceed. Then you'll select the platform of your Battlefield 3 copy (XBOX360, PS3 or PC).
Finally you'll get a message "You have successfully redeemed the dog tags for Battlefield 3 on [console]"
:) happy redeeming!


so in BF2, you got dog tags of the person you killed with a knife, but as far as i know you couldn't do anything with them (could you?). what is the purpose of dog tags in BF3? can you redeem stuff with them? i'm just not sure what the point of this deal is, and unfortunately i am at work and so the link is blocked


@ndcouch: They are just for show, you steal peoples tags and you have a counter that keeps track of how many tags you have stolen from people with that specific tag.

The tags are also shown when ever you kill someone.


Anybody else notice that somebody went through and downvoted all of the comments?

Also, I could care less about my BF3 tags...but they're free :)

Looks like a decent movie.


Can't wait to see the movie, since it was filmed like 80% on a canon 5D mark II


@fivemtz "Do you have that one with that guy who was in that movie that was out last year?"


This has gotten way too serious. It's just a deal for some fake dog tags and now people are talking about shooting other people...and calling's just a game. There's no reason for this much hate.


@mrsmoofy: I can not wait for MW3 to come out. All the idiots who camp in corners far off from objectives never trying to advance, all the idiots who don't spawn until the jet is there and then crash it just as fast as they can get it off the ground. I have confidence that a good majority of these idiots will be gone the day MW3 comes out, and BF3 will be as enjoyable as BC2 was.


@wavecaster: I am more of a MW person myself though I loved Bad Company, and I don't want the corner campers either. Perhaps someone should make a game for them.

Of course no one would ever fire a shot in the corner campers game.