dealsprescription eyeglasses with uv anti-reflective…


My $5 glasses quickly became $75 glasses; took 7 weeks for delivery from Thailand; lenses were cloudy. Don't get these if you have more than a simple prescription or if you are in a hurry.


Good luck finding any that are actually $4.95. Even frames marked $0.00 require $2.00 for the cheapest lens and $4.95 for the cheapest coating, before lots of other add ons and shipping.


I don't know why these guys are having such a hard time finding the $5 glasses. The cheapest lenses are $2, but the "DealWoot" coupon code offsets this. Leaving the only charge being the $4.95 coating & $4.95 shipping, as listed. I didn't see any other add ons or extra fees or anything. Granted, almost nobody is going to want the cheapest lenses, but at $25 for transition style lenses, it's still a pretty great deal. I can't speak to the shipping time or quality of the glasses, but for the price, it's tough to beat.


I haven't had my glasses yet. I ordered them on 06 August. They stayed in "processing" status for about a week and a half. Then they went to "production" status. I contacted support to get a shipping estimate and was told "3-4 days". Five days later, I checked again. Got the same support Agent. I told her I'd spoken with her before, been told 3-4 days, it was now five days later. She told me it would be "3-4 days" before they shipped, since they were now in production. Not helpful.

They appear, now, to have been shipped. I spent about $40, but that was for coated, progressive (no-line bifocal) lenses. We'll see what comes. A bit disappointed, really, in their time frames and customer service.


I've had the opposite experience with Goggles4U. I've ordered from there three times so far, and two out of three times have received good, perfectly done glasses within a good time frame. The third time there was an issue with longer ship time, due to a delay with the processing. I talked to them repeatedly and they worked hard to fix the issue, including sending me a free pair of my choice on their dime. It did require talking to them twice, though.

Keep in mind my glasses are a simple distance prescription, although I added transitions, clear coating, etc. I don't know how they would work out for bifocals or anything more complicated.