dealssong on itunes - better than life by remedy driveā€¦


I tried clicking the link to open itunes and download the free song, but it launched itunes and asked me to login. After (correctly) entering my password, itunes reloaded a few times and then asked me agin for my password. It accepted my apple id password in numerous other places. I finally called apple and we determined that the link on their web page is broken, it does not correctly pass the coupon code to itunes, and causes itunes to appear to reject your itms password.

The fix is to open itunes and go to the store home page and click the Redeem link, the first option under the Quick Links on the right. Copy the code from their web page and paste into itunes. You'll get the itms password prompt again, but this time it will go through and the song will start downloading.


I couldn't get the link on the page to work, because iTunes would not accept my account password. I followed the directions on the page, however, and entered the code manually to get the download.


the special instructions also worked for me - thanks! Wonder if this is an iTunes issue or is the link screwed up somehow?


The fix wound up working for me as well after several frustrating minutes. Well worth it though. I've always loved Remedy Drive's stuff, and this song is no exception. I haven't heard precision vocal runs like that in a radio-ready song in a long time. This one has been played a LOT in my car lately. So thanks!