dealstotal gym xl home gym for $499.00 + shipping


Why the hell is this so expensive? It looks like two steel tubes with a pleather covered piece of wood attached to it.


This must be a joke perpetrated by the ICNA (International Chuck Norris Association). Conspiracy!


My mom had one of these. They're pretty much trash. Save five hundred bones and just buy some freeweights.


lol. these are made in my home town.
we found them in the mfg dumpster a while back and got some free home gyms.
they didnt like that. also, they are junk.

get the p90x system, bowflex, or some free weights.


I saw this on an infomercial at 1230am with Chuck Norris and Cristy Brinkley...they even had Steve Goutenberg touting it. No weights involved, just your own body weight. The device seems to take a a bit of space. I'm sticking to my dumbbells instead.


It seems a bit strange that the deal was added 4 days ago, yet the website say "TODAY ONLY $499"! I have the Total Gym 1000, which I bought at a thrift shop for $15. To say the least, it's nothing special. I still need to use free weights and a cross-trainer to fulfill my workout needs.


So much hate! This machine may not be the best for those looking to get ripped or for those with a strict workout regimen, but my dad had one and loved it. He just wanted to keep weight off and stay toned and did exactly that.

I do agree that it does take up quite a bit of space, though.