dealssave $10 on $50+ orders at thinkgeek on…


Or free shipping with code CYBERMONDAY, no minimum purchase.


Wonder if they'll let me apply this to an order from Sunday. Probably can't return everything though.


Probably not, being that it's called Cyber Monday and not Cyber Sunday.


@pz@woot: If the order isn't processed yet you -should- be able to go into your order history and cancel any recent orders, and that way you could just place a new order today with the discount. It's been a while since I've shopped there so I don't remember if you have to do it before the order is processed or if you can do it up until the time it ships. Either way, even if the site says it IS too late to cancel, thinkgeek's customer service is excellent and it may be worth it to call and ask someone if there's any way they could cancel your order since it was just placed yesterday.


Man, their site is slow right now. I'm guessing they're pretty busy today.