dealsadditional 25% off your order


Just got a coupon in the email from them for 30% off any order. I tried to stack them, but of course no go. This place has a bigger , also too big, selection of stuff compared to leftlanesports, but LLS does not play games with the coupon. Its always cheaper at LLS , AND , LLS gives you free shipping on any order over 75, and this place does not.

I just cant pull the trigger, even with the 30% off email coupon, as the cost of shipping is a deal killer

when my email coupon is better then the woot deal, no way is this a deal.


While not disagreeing with 410's, I'm very glad this was here!

I went and made a little pile of winter things that were already +50% off -stuff I could never afford before, like super expensive base layer smartwooligans- the gear that actually keeps you warm!? I winced as I spent $126 for all around base layers + awesome BOOTS, but I saved $119... and these aren't those pseudo sales numbers you see, when places have inflated tags? Nope.

the WHYCOME: I only have electric heat, no gas, which means $$Oh$Heck$$...! So- no heat in winter 2012/13! I gotta buy this now, and if you're in my sitch... go have a look, asap. Ends today.


@fit410s: The thing you forget every time you pump up LLS, is that they have an awful return policy. Sierra Trading has the best one out there that I know of in the outlet outdoor clothing/footwear internet world. When ordering something like hiking boots whose sizes are often just suggestions, I'd much rather get a couple of different sizes from Sierra to find the right fit and get a full refund to my credit card for the ones that don't fit minus return shipping. As opposed to LLS and hope they fit since they only allow for store credit on return no matter how short you've had them or why you are returning them.