dealsamd athlon x2 7450 2.4ghz 2x512kb socket am2…


Really, a CPU from maybe 2007?



Actually it's from late 2008 but Socket AM2+ is still a solid computing platform for lightweight tasks. Works great if you want to put some extra parts lying around to good use or if you're looking to build a media center PC, back-up rig, or a basic learning/school computer for the kids. :-)


I would stay away personally. If you were buying a cpu and needed one even for light tasks I would still go for 4 cores.


@manwithhat2: really? Four cores for maybe web browsing? Checking your e-mail? Writing a quick note in notepad? Best Buy must love it when you stop by. ;-)


It may not be a HORRIBLE price, but I'd have a hard time buying one when I can get a decent CPU for not THAT much more. You can occasionally find triple-core CPUs with higher clock speeds for around $70 and if you have a mb capable of unlocking the fourth core, you might get lucky and be able to get even more power out of one.

I'm clearly not the target audience for this product (having just purchased my first hex-core CPU about a week ago), but I don't know who is. It seems to me that if you know how to install one of these, you're probably also someone that would want more than just email and web browsing.

EDIT: Okay, I forgot about the HTPC angle. For that, you'll likely still need a video card though. Unless you already have the video card, I'd probably be looking into something more like the AMD Llano APU line. Similar power, similar price, and built in graphics. I don't know how powerful the graphics are, but I've heard they're good enough for a HTPC.



The good thing about desktop computers is that you have so much flexibility in parts configuration. Regarding the HTPC solution, you're correct that a video card is required but many micro-ATX motherboards have built-in graphics which help because space could be an issue for some smaller HTPC cases. Also if you have a boneyard of older computer parts and want to make use of them, this CPU works great for a back up rig solution!


@computergeeks: Okay, I guess I can see where you're coming from. I tend to forget integrated video on the mb. I haven't has a computer with integrated video...ever, come to think of it. Even my decade-old Dell came with a discreet video card.

So anyway, for integrated video, I don't know whether that's generally powerful enough for an HTPC, but perhaps it could be (and honestly, I don't know whether the Llano APUs are any better than an integrated solution).

I suppose I can see getting the CPU if that's the only piece you'd need to get a computer up and running. Again, I guess I'm just not the audience for this one. Hopefully someone will have a good use for one though.


A home file server doesn't need a lot of horsepower.


I have an old as hell hp pavilion a1130n with a 3500+ AMD Athlon 2.1ghz 64 Processor that I use as an htpc. I threw a cheap video card in it a few years back but it is still pretty weak.

I'm not great with hardware but how hard would it be to replace the old processor with this one? Would it be worth it?


@portezbie: You have to make sure the processor is compatible with the socket and the chipset in your computer.

Physically replacing a processor isn't that hard. You'll need some alcohol to clean off the heat sink and some thermal compound to put between the heat sink and the processor.



I did some research on the HP computer you mentioned; Unfortunately this particular CPU (Athlon X2 7450) would not work on your HP computer because it's not physically compatible. However, if you're looking to replace your aging HTPC with some more up to date, please visit our website ( as we're having a President's Day Sale and we have free shipping and up to 50% off on most items!