dealsthe beats once a century event – 12% off all…


Don't forget that beats are completely overpriced pieces of poop.


Deal didnt show up for me, even after adding to cart. Bummer cuz I was looking forward to pitting these head to head against my ATH-M50s


Even if every member of NWA came by to vote up and help Dre out this deal would still be waaay into the negative lol


@marsarito: Eazy-E voting posthumously against Dre


If you're looking for some great in ear type headphones with tons of bass, check out G-Cube iBuds on ebay. Killer sale for only $2.99 shipped(typically much much more expensive) and their bass is just as good if not better than Beats.


Best Buy is running the same deal. If I were in the market for these, which I am not, I would get them there. I have no interest in seeing Best Buy go the way of Circuit City and Ultimate Electronics. The last thing I want to to is buy and compare electronics at Walmart or Target.....


@kstoyanoff: I looked, but couldn't find them... Bought some for $4.55 - still seems like a good deal...


I won't go as far as calling beats poop. They are actually nice sounding headsets, just not $300 nice sounding. You can spend a third on something from audio technica or similar and get as good or better performance. You just don't get as many cool colors to choose from!


A 12% discount on the most overpriced headphones is insulting. You can get better deals on Bose, A//T, Sennheiser and other excellent brands all over the place.


/raised eyebrow
Yes, THIS is a sale worth waiting 36,524 days for.


I agree with beats by dre,being poop.
I would highly recommend the VMODA headphones! they have outstanding sound quality and are way cheaper than BEATS.


I did buy some urBeats by Dr. Dre Monster earphones simply because I have an HTC phone with Beats Audio and they have the buttons to control the phone. However, I bought them on eBay for $30, not the $199 they list for. They sound very good, but interestingly, my MEE M31P-BK earphones I bought for $19 have better bass response and are a bit "richer" in sound.


@dfsnapa: You won't be disappointed for how little you paid for some pretty damn good headphones @ $4.55 vs. the ridiculously overpriced Beats by Dre. I've listened to both side by side and would prefer the G-Cube iBuds. (for some reviews) but anyone interested I'd search ebay. I got them from the store on ebay for $2.99 shipped but doesn't look like they have it up anymore.


If you want a 'name brand' in headphones, I'd suggest the 50/50's from Skullcandy over these. Listened to both kinds and the Skullcandy won, hands down, in my opinion. The bass is awesome!


Not a deal even at 50% off. I've never been so unimpressed with a product relative to the price point.


@zippy the pinhead: Calls Beats overpriced (I agree, BTW), mentions Bose for comparison.


@jackofallgames42: Yea, we've all waited 100 years for this "Once in a Century" sale... o wait, Beats haven't been around a decade yet and the sale is a whopper at 12%. Well, maybe they'll have a better sale in 2106...


@kstoyanoff: I do have to agree about the G-Cube ibuds. Their bass is surprisingly good. Especially at the cost. But you can't mistake them for the higher quality headsets.


@runwilder: or in 2013 when they are stuck with a stockroom full of these...


@zippy the pinhead: I'm glad that Beats could come along to make Bose look like a respectable brand.


My favorite is that the overwhelming majority of people buying these (or receiving as presents) will plug them into their phone or iPod to listen to highly overly compressed audio. Genius! If you have money to blow, then by all means get these decent sounding phones. But if you care about money (and want high quality phones) buy something in the $90-$200 range from Sennheiser, Audio-Technica, Beyerdynamic, Sony, Fostex or Ultrasone. Don't even waste your money on the earbuds. If you want to spend that much, buy something that molds your ear, like the Shure buds do. This is all assuming you don't care about fancy colors, tired rappers, a super-duper carrying case, etc...


In other news, Grado S60s are still about $80.


@silo11: good luck finding one in stock


@rak0ribz: To be more clear: the Grado S60s are worth your consideration if you're thinking about picking up a pair of spendy headphones. The audio dudes love 'em; they're pretty comfy, and have great sound. They come in any color you want, as long as it's black.


I only buy beats from the guy that sells them off the street, he steals them from best buy and radio shack so he claims.


For what Beats are they're crazy overpriced! They're more of a fashion statement then headphones. I hate seeing kids walk around with just the headphones around their neck w/o the cord in. There are so many better brands and products out there for a fraction of the cost, and many can be just as stylish (if that's a selling point). My choice headphones are by SOL REPUBLIC. They cost less then half of what some Beats do and there sound quality is superb. They're also indestructible and interchangeable for different styles! I love my Tracks HD's by SOL REPUBLIC!


I like my UE TripleFi 10s with my FiiO E11