deals30" deluxe travel duffle bag for $25.00 + freeā€¦


That link doesn't work for me.


Link is not valid - nice! Thanks for the offer WOOT.


You may have to cut and paste into your own browser. The target links have not been meshing well w/ Woot lately.
The bag is there. The deal is good. The links suck.
The one I put there works if you cut and paste it.
Good luck Wootizens.
Thank you for your understanding that software is not perfect and it is not my fault
I will try and inform the mods, so wish me luck too ! Thanks.


@samiamzks @inekam @conan1776

Thank you very much for trying to remedy the situation. I'm sure the links you posted worked and then got goofed up by this Target mess as well. The comment to cut and paste was especially nice addition.
I upvoted all of you to try and counteract the down-vote you each got. I don't think anyone should of downvoted you for helping. Not your fault the software is messed up.

I contacted mods.This is not the first time it has happened w/ Target. Hopefully they will be able to figure it out. I forgot to wish them luck in my previous comment. So here's wishing you luck in fixing the whole Target mesh up problem mods.


@ceagee: Hi, sorry I didn't come upon this until it was too late. Next time if it doesn't work, feel free to notify me and I'll try to fix it asap.