dealsscott choose-a-size paper towels, 1-ply, 6 rolls…


WOW! That is a smoking deal :)


in 4 3.
Thanks for the deal!


It still showed it in stock, in for 6.


This is more than the average sale price at my local markets. this is 19 cents/sq metre. Average price on sale around here for an 8 pack is 16-17 cents/sq metre.


The Scott paper towels that have been posted on sale in the past had more towels /roll then these.
IT's till godd for her.

But is still a decent deal. I'll probably get a couple.


Funny that my comments was deleted, never had that happen before. Even funnier that @faughtey's comments responded to mine was deleted. All I was stating at the time I was looking to order it stated "out of stock." I just looked again and it is back in stock so I purchased 3. Thanks OP!