dealsjumbo muffin pan for $7.22


Wow big saving here. All of 12 cents according to camelcamelcamel


@bathtubsink: The savings is not the point. Read the description.


Not here for a clever description and comments sugar paints. I like good deal you know something to get a Woot on.


@belyndag: Ok, I read it... still nothing impressive.

"Product Description
Great for cupcakes, mini angel food cakes, molded gelatin, ice cream and mousse. Our premium non stick bakeware combines superior non stick performance, serving convenience and elegant design!. The mold is 3.5" in diameter and 1.765" in depth."


@belyndag Clearly there are many who do not know what's going on. Thanks for trying! Probably some of the down votes can be attributed to them. Some; though, not all. :-/

@sumduud and @bathtubsink Many active members of the deals community are currently listing deals that refer to woot executives who are leaving or have recently left the company. These "deals" are a way of paying tribute to them.

One such employee is @jumbowoot. This deal is for him. A way of saying good bye, thank you & you'll be missed. The item itself and it's actual description have nothing to do w/the posting. It's the word "Jumbo" in the title. Sorry if these tributes bother you. Please feel free to ignore them.


Well, I like 'em! Buy 2 & its mini meatloafs for all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


@gmwhit: you'd be right. no idea what's going on. I also never thought of jumbowoot as a person, more a posting identity for coupons and deals. I would consider myself an "active member" of woot, though perhaps not the social community. Guess I missed any woot drama about peeps leaving. Fine if people want to pay tribute, but you must admit a fair amount of crap deals get posted around here, so you can't blame other "active members" for pointing out when someone posts one.


Price is now $8.19. Still a pretty good buy.